Perfect gear manufacturing and assembly technology to meet the different requirements of different levels; the founding companies has consistently adhering to the "machine + + edge" management philosophy and approach, has introduced the Swiss LAMBRT68, LAMBERT751, MIKRON122.01, MIKRON105.05EP etc. more than 20 sets of high precision gear hobbing machine, and precision CNC lathe, high precision hydraulic machine more than a dozen; continuous innovation of enterprises, full participation in the quality management, each process we are carrying out quality process control, recorded and traceable; "no quality there is no tomorrow" has become the enterprise survival and growth of the idea. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; beautiful precision gear factory main business with high accuracy, precision type small module, gear, gear box to plans to sample processing, widely used in military, automotive, robotics, medical equipment, automation, micro motor, electronic and electrical appliances, instrumentation, sewing equipment field, modulus M2.5~0.1, maximum diameter of 200mm, straight teeth and helical, turbine, straight bevel gear and the cycloid and high precision small modulus gear and small batch and large number of production. At the same time, my company independent research and development of several series of small module precision gear box is also affected by the new and old customers at home and abroad of all ages, our company developed production of gear box gear train are all full aluminium rolling gear and the market circulation as opposed to a regular, our gear boxes have noise low, bearing capacity big, long service life, delivery timely, quality such as a larger advantage. Our gear box for each different customer need careful design, perfect service and tailored. Received by customers;
Meilen us exquisite gear factory

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