Making the purpose of this Ordinance is to strengthen enterprise management, improve after-sales service system, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, and use households to buy equipment and give full play to the benefits, in order to ensure that the enterprise's vital interests, achieve "to high-quality products and after-sales service to win the trust of customers," the purpose, to provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service, for the company's production equipment, providing technical consulting for life and spare parts supply. We are committed to provide one year warranty, life-long maintenance; adhere to the principle of continuous renewal, to ensure that technical and technical strength and quality management continue to improve and upgrade.

(ONE) after sales service category:

The company sold all the products installed after the installation of all services, including: technical advice, warranty, maintenance, maintenance, return visit, upgrade, etc..

(two) the purpose of after sales service:

With excellent and perfect service, fully meet the needs of users

(THREE) After-sales service content:

1、Create user profiles

The company built a complete set of user profile, a detailed record of the user responsible person and contact, equipment type, amount, configuration, maintenance records, buy date and the user's usage so as to help us make the corresponding service plan, timely response to service demand, prevent equipment failure risks, and promptly solve the problem.

2、User training

Training of professional and technical personnel to organize and use and pay attention to relevant knowledge.

Trained personnel to meet the following standards: skilled operators can use the equipment, personnel and equipment management to daily management and maintenance of equipment, simple fault treatment and emergency training requirement, can cooperate with the company service personnel skilled troubleshooting equipment, can by telephone to guide for fault detection and analysis.

3、system of visits back to parties of interest

1)For each project to set up a special person in charge of the system, and to develop a corresponding return visit inspection plan;

2)By the relevant professional engineers responsible for the specific items of the telephone return visit and inspection, and in accordance with the needs of regular home maintenance.

3)Telephone return visit:

Professional engineers responsible for monthly from time to time on project specific user is responsible for personnel phone pay a return visit, understand the equipment, the fault occurrence and the company to users of the service. When there is a problem to take timely and effective solution.

4)Inspection and inspection

Door carefully listen to the views of users of the company's products and services, and timely solve the problems; problems cannot be handled immediately, back to the company after careful analysis of the user's opinion, promptly to reply and dealt with as soon as possible and to solve the problem; in the inspection must be serious and responsible of equipment inspection and maintenance, timely detection of potential failures and reduce the possible human error to a minimum, to ensure the normal operation of the user equipment; inspection be conscientious and make a good service record and signed by the user confirmation.

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